Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mono-God Nurgle DOC (Review of the new Plague Bearers)

Well I am well on my way towards my goal of taking all four different mono-god daemon armies to my next few Fantasy tournies this year (though I am rapidly running out of events to take things to).  At Book of Grudges this year I plan to take a mono-Nurgle list revolving around a Great Unclean one, two big blocks of Plague Bearers and a Soul Grinder... and other stuff.  All nurgle though (and the Soul Grinder).

Some of the models I have pulled out of my closet to make this project happen.
Anyway I had a massive pile of Nurgle metal models in my closet that I pulled out... and realized that I was maybe 15 models or so short for what I wanted to do...  Rather than use nurglings of 25mil bases as fillers (which I quick like the idea of btw) I decided to buy a box of the new Plague Bearer models.

The new Plague Bearers... What can I say?  I like em.  I bought the box for something like $48 Australian which seemed a bit steep for 10 models (I know I have not been buying GW models for a little while).  What I found inside was the bitz to make ten dudes. 5 extra heads, a few extra sword arms and a few extra empty hands.  There were command bitz that included one banner pole and two standard tops (the extra was immediately added to my death guard army) and a small pile of shrunken heads to hang from things and something like 8-10 nurgling models).  Quite cool really.

I had a few extra bloodletter models missing heads and a few arms in my bitz closet and I yanked them out to make another 5 plague-letters using the extra heads and arms...  You can see some here:
A new Plague Bearer next to a Plague-Letter

A variety of Nurgle models for size comparisons.
A unit filler using extra bitz from the box.

Assorted models including command models
More size comparisons
More to come soon...  

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  1. I like the use of the WoC Nurgle Hero with the PB head. I look forward to more.