Thursday, September 6, 2012

36 Hours Til Book Of Grudges!

Sooo another year and Book Of Grudges has rolled around for a 2nd time.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks of preparation (I had to wait for people to register to make sure I had the funds for all that I had planned).  (As of) Yesterday BOG hit 52 players giving me the funds needed for a 2nd batch of prizes and a few additional trophies I wasn't sure I could afford previously.

50 players also means that BOG is large enough to give people full ranking points for those trying to make it into this year's Australian Warhammer Masters Tournament.  There has also been a fantastic vibe leading up to this weekend with players grudging left, right and centre.

Though I have done a lot of the work setting up this weekend, it should be mentioned that BOG would not have gotten off the ground without the help and support of the Hampton Club.  They have not only supplied a back up venue when BOG lost it's original home BUT its members have helped on the comp panel, will set up the venue on Friday night, written the scoring program and will thug on the day.  (Leaving me to wonder what exactly I have done to set this up I guess).  THANK YOU GUYS!!!

A tournament would not be complete without a gumby in the case of odd numbers of players.  BOG is no exception.  I have been feverishly cranking out a Nurgle Daemon army for the event.  It may not be up to my usual standard of painting BUT I am really looking forward to getting my chubby little sick boys onto the table.

If you are in and around Melbourne this weekend, please come by and say "hi."

Catch you all on the flip side!


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