Friday, October 12, 2012

Ninjas! (Inspiration from my childhood)

Soooo as I assemble and begin to paint two units of gutter runners and a brand new (oop) skaven assassin I can't help but think of my fondness of ninjas as a kid.  Sure this is partially due to my growing up in the 80's and my having grown up in Tokyo...  I was a huge fan of movies like Revenge of the Ninja (even though I would cringe to watch it now) and like lots of other boys my age, I had ninja t-shirts and other paraphernalia.  Hey it was the golden hay day of ninja coolness.

Is this why I play skaven..? Probably not.  Is it why I am considering adding more eshin units to my list at the risk of making my army weaker and possibly unplayable.  YUP!

Anyway, I found one of my favourite ninja themed possessions online the other day and I thought I would share it.  I was a massive fan of G.I.Joe as a younger lad, particularly the comic book.  I thought it was more serious and plausible than the silly cartoon on TV.  Anyway... Issue 21 was a "famous" comic in that it was "silent." It had no words other than the title.

Without further ado.... Here it is...  Hope you enjoy:

Til soon gang...


  1. Holy Crap what a blast from the past.
    I too was a ninja nut back then.
    Toyko had nothing to do with it,Ninjas were just the bees knees back then.
    How dumb little kids are,me and my friend would dress up as Ninjas and sneak around the nieghboors backyards playing an advanced game of manhunt where the whole block was in play,front yards back yards,under decks.
    We are sooo lucky we did not get shot
    Thanks for posting this,like stepping into Mr Peabodies way-back machine

  2. Sorry for posting so late on this but oh man! This was is my top 5 comic books that I owned in the 80's. I couldn't believe that Marvel did this at the time and still it's impressive.

    Speaking of dumb things you do growing up. Be be gun wars with our safety equipment. Yeah that was a recipe for disaster!