Monday, January 21, 2013

The Trolls CONTINUE! (I Have Been Sculpting Again)

Well, the school holidays have been busy but a few hours a day I have been back to working on my sculpt my own trolls project. Now I started this months ago as part of my O and G army BUT back then I had no idea how much WORK this would be.  Two weeks ago they looked like this. 

Now you might notice how there are 24 trolls here.  They look terribly bald.
Here are the boys today.  2/3rds are done...  8 are mostly done.
Here are some close ups... 
I broke up the fur on a few with a couple of wounds...
I also added some patches of scales to vary things... 

A couple need quite a bit of fur.
BUT most only need a patch or two...


  1. Very cool work, though the photo which is WIP.. you should make one look like it is balding :) Leave it bare from the upper lip to a good portion of the top of it, with hair around it.. :) Great progress on this.. massive amounts of GS required to pull this off bravo!

  2. give one a comb over class sculpting

  3. Thanks guys... I think I will stick with full coverage of hair for now. Down to 4 as of today... Hope to have them done on Thursday...