Friday, April 12, 2013

Selling My BABY!!! (Award winning Guard Army)


Hey guys some of you might have seen this on my other thread but I have double the size of the army and as it is such a large item I am putting it in it's own post.

This is my baby... My award winning Guard army... It is one of a kind and is heavily converted from the metal storm trooper models...  The entire army is ENTIRELY METAL!  It is all blended two or three times per colour on every model. Half of the models have their squads marked with roman numerals...  All the models match paint wise and every vehicle matches camo wise as well.

It won best painted at Cancon a few years back (The Aircav Bit) and comes with two light up signal flare objectives and a speaker that you can run IPOD headphone speakers into to play "Flight of the Valkyries..."  (music playing gear and iPod headphones not included)

Here are some shots of the infantry of the army:

There are:
70 Lasgun Troopers (a few of who are dudes throwing grenades if you need to extra sergeants)
9 Sergeants
Two leaders
A converted Marbo
A converted Harker
11 Plasma Guns
8 Melta guns
3 Grenade Launchers
5 Flamers
4 Rocket Launchers

Some closer shots of dudes in squads...

Or what the army looks like in a good light!

Every vehicle in the army is base coated, washed, panel painted back AND Highlighted

Tank Wise the army has this:

6 Chimeras (many of which are significantly converted with backwards hulls to look different)
2 Leman Russes
A Hellhound/Bane Wolf conversion
A bassie/ Medusa Tank
A command chimera that could be used as a Hydra (uses forgeworld bits)
AND a VERY CONVERTED Land Raider Crusader for you Allies to ride in (or if you use the guardsmen in an Inquistor List.
A closer shot:

The Flyers are all painted to match (camo wise)(They have matching roman numerals to match the squads that ride in them if you use my old aircav list)... There are 5 Valkyries with Rocket Pods and 2 Vendettas with lots of lascannons...

Army has a lovely display board that is a little beaten up but easily fixed (Which you can see in the pictures above).  Free if you pick the army up.

Army includes a GW figure case and a Reaper Figure Case for the infantry and a box that fits the fliers and another that fits the tanks...

Asking $1600 (Australian Dollars (which is about the same as US dollars these days) . DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING!!!

I will throw in these half finished black clad Storm Troopers as well:

And this extra demolisher cannon if you want to mix up your tank options even more:

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  1. I'll chuck in a piece of fortress wall that fits on the display base for free.