Monday, January 28, 2019

The Soviet Motor Pool Grows! (Some Support Vehicles)

Here are a few of the support vehicles that painted up last year to accompany my winter Soviet WW2 army.

This truck is made by Rubicon and comes with two alternative beds. I used the closed canvas top on this truck so that I could use the open bed on another truck that I will post later. Despite my... reluctance to build plastic kits (I prefer the sharp lines and quick assembly of resin models), I really do like the finished look of this model.

I have also included pictures of an early Soviet armoured car and a Komsomolets armoured tractor. In Bolt Action terms the armoured car is a cheap order dice that zips around the board with light machine gun. Likewise, the Komsomolets is there to serve as a cheap armoured transport that also mounts a light machine gun. You can find out more about this vehicle here.

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