Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ever since I was a kid I have hated waiting for things. I still remember when I saved up my proof of purchases from G.I.Joe action figures to send away for my limited release “Duke” (the only one that existed at the time. I checked the mailbox in front of my house everyday for months (literally) hoping that my “Duke” would arrive and just when I had given up hope… He showed up in a nondescript plain brown cardboard box. He was a fairly ugly figure in retrospect but man was I excited when I ripped open that box and for weeks afterwards when I played with him. I am sure that I hated waiting for things before that event in my life but that is as far back as the old memory goes.

My lack of patience is not so bad when I have an end date to my misery. For example, Christmas and Birthdays. You know when they are coming. You know how to wait. You can distract yourself in the season of the thing and remember to not be a selfish jerk and remember there is more to these events than the shiny new bicycle that you hope you are going to get under the tree. Don’t get me started on the commercialization of Christmas! Messed me up royally as a kid. Anywhooo…

No, it is not the major holidays or events that are regular and predictable. It is waiting for the undefined that causes me grief and results in near obsessive-compulsive behaviour (how many times do I check that mailbox?). When I was a teenager it was when do I call the girl? Or does she call me? If so how long do I wait? Anyway growing up a bit helped with this so did watching “Swingers” (a truly excellent film). Now that I am all grown up and happily married I find that I rarely get these annoying feelings… That being said… I ordered 6 squads of Space Wolf Marines off of Ebay a few months back. They said to expect the models in 5 to 7 weeks. It has been exactly seven weeks. For the last week or so I have been rushing home to check that little metal box for a note telling me to raid my local Post office.

I am expecting 6 sets of these to be exact.

Ahhhh well. Back to waiting (and writing student’s reports). In the meantime I leave you with news of a movie that I cannot wait to see. As a child of the 80’s I love a good action film especially those starring Sly or Arnie. Finally all of my childhood fantasies have come true. Both in one movie! WITH BRUCE WILLIS! WITH JET LI! WITH JASON STRATHAM! WITH DOLPH L… Ok you get the idea. It will probably be rubbish but you better believe I will be there opening day.

It is called the Expendables and here is a clip for your perusal.


  1. gota say, dolph lundgren sold this movie to me, no sly OR steven seagal though.. but i spose too much of a good thing could kill you

  2. For me it was Cobra Commander. ;-)

    As for the movie - Awesome! Plus Terry Crews and Mickey Rourke? It's like Ocean's Eleven with guns!