Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lions VS Pirates (Done)

I am back with my first, of what will hopefully be many, battle report(s). With Rumble coming up and having never played high elves I though I had better give the pointed eared do-good-ers a go. My mate Drew has been feverishly converting and building his pirate ogres to the point where he hadn’t played with his army either. Solution: get together and bash one another. So please keep that in mind as we hammer through this game. That being said Drew is quite the general and learn lots ever time we play.

I do not have Drew’s list but I do have a few really good picts of his army. He had two butchers, a BSB, two units of iron guts, a unit of bulls, two units of two lead belchers, and one unit of two maneaters. This came to roughly 1500pts so we played a slightly smaller list than Rumble actually is. You may note that Drew is running an illegal list without a general. Playtesting… Meh… it is all good.

I dropped my spears, one chariot, and the phoenix guard to get my list down to size (see previous post for list and pictures).

Drew won the roll to deploy and the roll to go first our deployment ended up like this:

I had my mage in with the seaguard on the hill on the right and my bolt thrower on the hill to the left. In between I stuck the BSB with the dragon princes and my general in the white lions. The eagle hid behind a tree and that was that. Drew spread out with the lead belchers on the side of the bolt thrower and bulls out front.

Drews (Ogres)turn 1:
His whole army creeps forward.
His Voodoo Lady butcher jumped from a back ironguts unit to the bulls in front.
She casts Bonecruncher on the dragon princes and dispelled.
She gets brain gobbler off on 7… I had one dice left so I scrolled it. Probably not a super bright idea but I know my luck.
His other butcher, who looks like Baron Samedi from the Bond movies, used his
Bangstick on the white lions… I failed to dispel. It goes off doing 2 wounds… but I pass one armour save.

Brad (high elves) turn 1:

Everything creeps forward except for the sea guard.
My mage miscasts wounding himself and ending magic phase (NOT GOOD!)
The Bolt thrower fires a volley at the closest unit of lead belchers. I hit five times wounding for three wounds taking an entire ogre off the board. The other fails its panic check and runs.
Seaguard are out of range… (I misread and though they had longbows… Oooops)

Ogres turn two:
The lone Lead belcher rallies.
The rest of the ogre army moved forward with other lead belchers turning to cruise towards the bolt thrower.
BSb jumped to middle unit and voodoo lady butcher jumped to left most unit of Iron Guts.
Drew got brain gobbler off on my chariot. I let it go and passed on a nine… (general’s leadership)
I dispelled bone crusher on three dice.
Bang stick hits my white lions again wounding two and again I saved one.
The man eaters fire their handguns and misses the white lions.

High Elves Turn 2:

I moved my eagle between the bolt thrower and lead belchers.
Otherwise I moved things forward.
In my magic phase I got off Fury of Kaine off at the Bulls. I hit 5 times but only wounded twice. Now is a good time to mention that Drew has magnetized his ogres so that his arms come off. He uses these removable arms to mark wounds. For characters he has added hats for the extra wounds. Awesome hobby.
Anyway back to the magic phase. Ring of fury gets dispelled

The Bolt thrower fires a volley at the unit of two lead belchers … It kills one again. This time it does not rally. Uh-oh..
The bowmen were mostly out of range but three sea guard shoot at the bulls stripping the last wound off one bull.
They also pass their panic checks.

Ogres Turn 3:
The remaining Lead belcher charges the bolt thrower.
Everyone else backs up… Booooo...
Which brings Drew's Magic phase:
Bone cruncher goes off on the dragon princes despite my best attempt at dispelling. Three get wiped out/
Brain gobbler gets off on the white lions and they pass their panic test.
The Dragon princes fail their panic check and run away but not off the board..

The non-engaged Leadbelcher fires at great eagle. 2 hits. No wounds.
The man eater fires their braces of pistols… 2 hits but no wounds at white lions.

The other Leadbelcher does no impact hits but he offs one crew after they fail to hit him.
My remaining crew is outnumbered by a fear causer. He runs and is caught by the ogre.

High Elves Turn 3:

The Eagle and White Lion Chariot charge the bulls who flee 8 inches through the Iron Guts.
Eagle catches the bulls and wipes them out.
Chariot hits the Ironguts and BSB. It is here that I realize that the BSB has great weapon... Oh crap.

The Dragon princes flee off the table after rolling 11 to rally. Bummer.

In my magic phase I get an irresistible flames of kaine at maneaters but fail to do anything. Grumble.
The bows do three wounds to maneaters. (looses great weapon dude)
The Chariot impact for two wounds. Lions do one wound to BSB. Crew do 2 wounds to unit.
BSB kills chariot with one hit.

Ogres turn 4:

The Lead belcher in the back reloads his cannon.
My eagle marchblocks everyone but they move in for the kill anyway.
The Baron Butcher kills three white lions with bone cruncher.
Voodoo Lady miscasts and wounds herself ending the magic phase.
The remaining Maneater fails to hit eagle with a brace pistols.

High Elves Turn 4:

White lions timidly back up. (This is a big mistake I will discuss later).
Eagle gets in front of iron guts for some redirecting goodness.
In my magic phase the Flames of Khaine is dispelled
Bows don’t do much to the iron guts.

Ogres turn 5:
Iron guts charged the eagle who ran away but this pulled them out of position. Eagle gets away.
Braingobler is out of range on archers
Tooth cracker on Iron guts is dispelled.
Bang stick is likewise dispelled.

Man eater shoots at white lions who pass their armour tests

High Elves turn 5:
Eagle rallies.
White Lions back up again.
Bows do nothing to Iron guts.

The Endgame...

Drew brings things around in an arc of bad things for me.
The Iron guts charge eagle who flees again.
The Baron Butcher joins the maneater
Other iron guts back away
Leadbechers line up for shot.

Most of the magic phase is dispelled or fails BUT brain gobbler which makes my archers and mage run. Uh-oh

The Maneater fails to wound eagle with his pistols.
The first leadbelcher does 10 hits. 2 white lions die to flying bitz of rubbish.
The second misfires but only does one wound to himself.

High Elves Turn 6:

My general has enough of this rubbish and charges out of unit to hit the wounded lead belcher.
The Eagle rallies
The Archers rally. WHEW!
Flames of Khaine miscast again which ends the magic phase.

In combat my noble does one wound.
The Ogre wounds back but my armour blocks the hit.
Drawn combat because the ogre outnumbered my general.

After all is said and done I lose a minor defeat. We decide that we had time for another game before my wife and I ran off to see our favorite Aussie Rules Football Team play. This one flew by and we both played much more aggressively. I cannot believe how awesome the white lions are in combat. A wounded unit smashed two units of iron guts charging them. I should have been running these down the ogres throats MUCH earlier and I also should have been much more aggressive with the dragon princes. They were also very effective in game 2. I won the 2nd game so Drew and I are 1 and 1 with these armies.

Thanks for reading. This is my first real attempt at this sort of thing I would love comments or questions.

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