Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Storm Raven Part 2

Well we're back and this sports fans is where my Storm Raven begins to differ from the one my mates made.

The next step in my construction process is the engines. In order to have the overly long Valkyrie engines fit under the wings and not have my SR look like a pontoon plane, I cut the engines down drastically in length. There are some nice cut points ready to go on the engine already and after choosing one that would have the engine keep its engine appearance I got to cutting.

Next came the wings themselves. I assembled the wings themselves as per the Valkyrie kit BUT I trimmed the connection mounts that attach to the hull so that the wings would reverse in direction. That is, they would line up properly like a 747's wings rather than the Valkyrie's. Now I added the engine.

From another angle...

With that it was the simple matter of adding the wings to the hull. I attached the wings so that the wing began with the tail assembly's front (if that makes sense?). The picture will help this explanation. I am not to concerned with gaps at this point although I have now puttied a few of them smooth using Gale Force Nine Grey Stuff. I have bits that will cover gaps later.

As you can see I kept the tail fins of the Valkyrie kit. I couldn't help myself. I love the look of the back of that kit. As you can also see from the picture above I added the clamps on the front door by trimming the Land Raider top jaw door. I also added the centre piece of a drop pod for a pilots "fishbowl" screen. I "grey stuffed" the rounded bits on the sides flat to have this piece sit flush on the hull.

I also added the silly inside doors from the Land Raider kit to the side doors. We shall see if I cover these up or add hurricane bolters... I have a few hurricane ideas so I may just cover these up anyway.

From another angle

And finally the view from the bottom. There is a visible bow in the kit which I have since fixed... Sorry about that. As you can see I have used the floor of the Land Raider kit inside out as the bottom of the Raven.

Next time: Patching gaps, holes and other mistakes (and maybe arming our bird)...

Anyone have any weapons suggestions? I could use some advice.

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