Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your first taste of my hobby.

Ok... Why should I look at what this chucklehead is writing? A good question. Over the next few months I will publish army lists, battle reports, tactics, and tournament reports for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I will also share armies out of my display cabinet and projects that I am currently working on.

First up.

My completely hand sculpted Tzeentch Daemon Army. I sculpted this army last summer while traveling in the US and suffering from extreme jetlag. Got back to Melbourne (where I live with my beautiful wife) with 5 days to spare before Liber Animus (a big local tourney).

Here is an overall shot of the army:

The Horrors are the small floating eyeballs. You can tell the squads apart by the colour of the eyes. The pink eyes are the ones upgraded to have bolt of Tzeentch. The army has 6 squads of nine Horrors. One is upgraded to the changeling (he is a yellow eye with the infinity symbol for an iris.

You can also see the flamers in the above picture. They are the slightly larger eyeballs with flames coming out of their ocular nerves.

There are 5 screamers in the army and they are giant floating tongues. The small eyes behind them in this photo are the messenger mission specific models required for Liber last year. In a recent fantasy tourney I used them as heralds on foot.

The giant pinwheel eye is my Lord of Change. The Large Pac-Man balls are my two daemon princes (I used one of these in the same Fantasy tourney as a herald on a disk).

You can see the other Pac-man here.. Behind "him" is my Soul Grinder... Yeah it is too small. I know that. I need to add a pair of Balrog wings and some orbiting small eyes if I ever use it in a tourney again.

A shot of the army in action.

I came 2nd overall at Liber that year and won a small local fantasy no-comp tourney recently. I love this army and will be adding to it soon. Hope you like it!

Special thanks to for the very cool bases which I finished up with GW water effects. I love that stuff.

Also big thanks to Beck from Missy Kitty Photography for taking the the happy snaps you see here.

Coming soon... Photos of my Storm Raven Gunship... And some how to tips.


  1. Wow.. I actually saw this online long ago, and its quite nice to see you have a blog to go along with it. I actually took some inspiration from it to make my own horrors of floating eyes.. but kept the nerve endings to make them have something to walk on :)

  2. Omg, i was just looking for an inspiration - i want to sculp a squig, but woooaaaah, what have i found? :D Total mindfuck, i love them all. :D
    This is madness. :D