Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am a tournament fanatic. I traveled from New Orleans to play in the first US Baltimore GT and I have been hooked ever since. Most of the tournies I have played in over the years have been 40K competitions as 40K was always my first and true love (game wise). This is not to say that I have not played my fair share of Fantasy events. I have played in quite a few over the years but I have never been in danger of landing on the podium. This changed a few years back when I thought I would give Fantasy a serious go. I bought a few pre-made tournament armies and retired from 40K for almost a year. In that time I discovered two things:
1) I really do love playing Fantasy Battles too... and 2) I am amazingly terrible (or at least I was at the time).

How do I get better? Practice. I started going to a local game club called the Hampton Game Club. They are an ace group of guys (and girl) who put up with my hair brained ideas and antics with amazing amounts of patience. I teach primary school. I know what it is like to be that patient with tiring questions all day. Anyway... To the point. I recent bought a finished high elves army from Dave of my gaming group.

There is a tournament coming up in a few weeks called Rumble in the Bronx which is not held in the Bronx but in a suburb outside of Melbourne named Geelong. It is a 1999 point tournament that because of point restrictions does not allow lord choices. This may sound odd but it makes for some really entertaining games. I went last year and had a blast. Not only did the bar open in the AM both days BUT I also walked away with the Sexiest General Award ( there must have been some DOG UGLY people playing if I walked away with that!). Anyway. It is a quality event and I wanted to bring a quality army.

As I am waiting for the new Tomb King rules before pulling out my pretty boys I though I would give Dave's Chracian High Elves a go. I do have them hanging out after all (and they look pretty sweet).

The list I have been toying with looks like this:

(Be warned some of the items on the list look funny, such as ridden lions etc... The whole list is themed around Chrace and white lions... pictures below help)

Noble: Sword of Might, Talisman of Saphery, Lion (Barded Elven Steed),
Lion (Heavy) Armour, Shield

Noble BSB: Shield, Great Weapon, Lion (Barded Elven Steed), Lion (Heavy) Armour. Ring of Fury

Mage Level 2: Dispell Scroll, Jewel of the Dusk.

15 Sea guard: Full Command

17 Spearmen: Full Command

15 Whilte Lions: Full Command: lion Standard

11 Phoenix Guard: Muso and Champion

Lion Chariot 140

Lion Chariot 140

Lion (Dragon) Princes: Full Command, War Banner

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower

1 Griffon (Great Eagle)

I have to admit the Phoenix guard don't really fit the list but I was going with what I had models painted. I kept away from the dragon rider even though I have one and by dropping a 4th character and making the first character a hero instead of a lord I lost a HUGE whack of points I had to make up elsewhere... that place was the phoenix guard.

I went for some blocks of units backed up by chariots, cav and one unit of flankers. One unit of missile troops and one war machine. I even squeeeeezed the Griffon (eagle) in to hunt war machines and flankers. True for high elves I am alittle light on Magic but 5 power dice should do alright with no lord level types running around.

We'll see how we go. I will be playing a practice game this weekend against Drew's AWESOME pirate ogre's... Pictures and full battle report forthcoming. Until then. Pictures of the elves. (and yes the White Lions foot sloggers are all plastic!)

A big up to Dave Atkins AKA "Cuddly Dave" for designing, building and painting this awesome army!


  1. They look great and glad to see you playing a real man's game :)

  2. Rumble is gonna kick ass!