Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, now that our camera has returned from its visit to the manufacturer (Thank god for warrantees) you can see what I have been working on. My "Alien"nids are more than half finished, my Storm Raven is almost done (coming soon), and my orc/ork tournament army has really grown. Today I will be focusing on the green skins since I have to get them done ASAP (and I think they look really cool.)

As stated before, the idea behind the fantasy side of this army is that they are black orcs, orcs, and hobgoblins escaping from their Chaos Dwarf oppressors. See my prior post for the theme on this. The 40K side of things focuses on feral orks in a winter climate (ever notice that Space Wolves are the only army that hangs out in snowy environments?).

I have five 5X5 round base to square movement trays from Gale Force Nine. Laser etched wood, gotta love it! What can I say I like what these guys do. Anyway. The first rank will be regular orc models in kilts with furs hanging heavily from their backs. The 2nd through 5th ranks are made up of my heavy cloaked "shrouded" orcs (think Batman when he is doing his lurk thing).

All of these shrouded boys are based on two stacked smaller sized dice. I attached the ork heads to the top of one flat side of the dice. Once that glue has dried I cover the orc in green or grey stuff and sculpt furs using the flat back of my hobby knife.

Ranked up they look like this at the moment.

Here are two pictures of the same regiment. I have another full tray done (command is at the same stage though) using green stuffed orcs instead of grey stuff. I find the green stuff easier on my hands but I do not like the furs nearly as much. Too bad I have a crud load of the stuff. I think the next couple packs of putty I buy for this will be grey.

Anyway here is a shot of what they look like before the heads and furs.

I am planning to differentiate units by putting shields with different iconography on their backs. I had experimented with weapons sticking out from the fur but didn't like the results. Gonna monkey with that some more before I give up though.

In other news I packed up the High Elves last night and I head off to Geelong in 36 hours to muck around and play some serious Warhammers at Rumble In The Bronx. I have slightly changed my list because I was a few points over by dropping a spearman and adding dragon armour to both my nobles. I am looking forward to a good weekend with Drew and the boyz. Tournament write up will be forth coming.

Wish me luck.


  1. The dice idea is very creative. If you don't want to waste all those dice, why not get some balsa wood that comes in a "square rod" and cut to shape.

  2. I had thought of something like that but I still have bags of dice floating around... it was sickening...