Friday, May 28, 2010

Progress Report

I thought I would write a quick progress report on my feral ork/orc horde.

I green stuffed a few more cloaks on my basic boyz but a small hobby knife accident ended that endeavor (hope it will be healed by next week). I figured that green stuff water was not something I wanted in a wound. Call me crazy.

In the meantime I started to work on the front ranks of my regiments and added heads to 40 more orcs/orks. All the front rankers (including hopefully the nobs) will be in kilts. I had the crazy idea of using these front rank models as the commandos in the 40K version of this army. I plan to use bagpipers as four musicians and modeling them in such a way that they are also burners. Thats right kids burning bagpipes (I have sketched them out but have not done the green stuffing yet).

I have an old Gorkamorka metal nob that I will be converting to make a feral version of Snikrot. I am really looking forward to getting on that model BUT I am saving it as a reward for getting through green stuffing the boys.

I also pulled out my old half finished black orcs and I plan to remount them on rounds because they are terrible to rank up on square bases. Anyway..

I have heard from China saying my wolves are on the way. So that is good.

I am off to Brisbane with my lovely wife for the weekend to watch Aussie rules football and to misbehave at amusement parks.

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  1. Suck it up, boyo! Didn't you learn anything from me? Wrap some tape around it and FINISH IT!

    You should have made a few bodies without the heads and I could have cast them up for you.