Monday, September 27, 2010

The Bandwagon? (or the new Dark Eldar)

Wellll... Gamesday UK is finally upon us and so are the long awaited pictures of new Dark Eldar models... Lets just assume that you have all see them and that we all generally agree how awesome they are.

GW needs these to be a slam dunk business wise for the bottom line. I expect that since the models are so good that the rules will be horribly nasty to match and really boost sales. That is just the old GW salesman in me speaking.

I have had two DE armies over the years (one being my really averagely painted wyche cult that I did really well with years ago). I have had a really soft spot in my heart for the little bondage freaks since I was given a kilo of free DE metal models when I first interviewed with GW (right after they came out... half the bag was unreleased models... imagine GW doing that now!).

I recently went back through my stuff and discovered I had the makings of a new wyche cult army. I assembled 40 and with the help Mr. Cousins painted all to a really nice standard. We left the hair and cloth strips across their chests unfinished as that is how I will eventually mark squads (and I don;t have the new book to know how to build each unit). Now... last night I see these...

The new wyches...


Now I really like the new models BUT they do not match my wyches at all... I happen to love the old wyche models... WITH A PASSION! So that being said as I am fairly committed to the old models... I think that is where I will stay for now. Which is alittle sad BUT saves me a crapload of cash.

Something I will be getting into is a big old pile of these:

Move over Jabba I am carjacking your skiff... I really like the new raiders. I mean I really do. I very happy that I have some gift vouchers to burn come November. I am really curious to see what bases are used. I anticipate that the valkyrie base will be the go but you never know.

Now back to the picture at the beginning of this:

I want to know what the dudes with the long white hair and the glowing arms are... The ones that are on either side of the lord...

Ooooooo.... I really hope there are piles of new armylist entries to mess with. I really like how the tyranid book had what felt like thousands of extra units. I hope they went this route with DE. Only time and GW can tell...



  1. Those dudes with the glowing arms are probably mandrakes. Theres a concept sketch floating around which has the Mandrakes as covered in runes and having some mystical claw hands that shoot some sort of fire.

    So thats my guess at any rate....

  2. Thinking about re-kindling the wych cult Brad?
    I know I will be redoing mine!


  3. 40 done... Waiting for the book... more to come...


  4. Wych Cult....really well?

    Until they met my Ulthwe :-)