Thursday, September 16, 2010

The resurrection of an old hobby...

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I was a fairly successful radio DJ in New Orleans (for 6ish years in the late nineties). My radio handle was Skabrad and when I retired my handle online became skabradisdead... Since that was when I started using online forum... That became my online name...

I played ska... Reggae... Rocksteady and some punk. I LOVED IT! But I never made a career of it.

My wife has been spinning trance for a few years now. Much more seriously lately than before. Soooo she has inspired me... My buddy Drew (whose ogres have been seen here) and I are getting together to spin the old ska and other fun and my wife is coming along to keep us in line...


For the 40k lovers out there... Here is a blast from the past...

The largest Space Wolf you have ever seen...


  1. I remember painting Buliwyf like it was yesterday. I think we did a pretty good job converting it from a Blood Angel to a Space Wolf.

    Those were some good times.

  2. Awesome, hope it goes well! I did some DJing at one of the local college stations a while back, good times.

  3. Biggest conversion EVER!!!

    Hey P, what were the names of the teams again... Hemdal, Morkai, ... That is where my memory fades out..

  4. I remember people's wolf names and their associated rune better than the packs. All I remember was I was Ranulf of pack Heimdall. My memory is foggy as well, too many late nights during those years.

    I wonder if they still use Buliwyf at Gamesday? I like how you look all serious on the phones in the pic, it must have been a Monday. They should of had a taller person in stand next to him as well. Even I only came to the top of his shoulder.

  5. LOL... Actually it was a Monday... That dude had to get permission to come on the floor because it was a Monday...

  6. Mate, can you put some of your stuff up as a podcast/audio file. You know me Brad, I think music died in 1982

  7. Good idea matey... I'll look into it!