Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rough Pictures of the Rest of my Tomb Kings

Well I haven't been able to get into the local shop for well lit, nice photos of the rest of the Tomb Kings but I thought that for now I would post some shots of what I have been doing. Please keep in mind that the lighting is CRAP!

Starting with my Tomb King and BSB: The king is a converted Blood Bowl Mummy as I thought the regular GW Kings and princes looked to "wimpy". The BSB is fairly straight forward except that I used a smaller banner top since he would not rank properly otherwise.

My Liche Priests: Once again I really didn't like the GW standard models so I converted an empire wizard and the head off of a blood bowl skele. I then used the top of the mounted liche priests staff to TK him up... The mounted one uses the legs off of the earlier mentioned mounted Liche Priest and the torso off of a flagellant. I rounded him out with bitz and bobz off the wizard sprue (empire). I really like how he came out. I will get better shots soon as his cloak is really cool looking in proper light.

The other Liche Priest on the Casket:
OK so I cheated.... I ran out of time and I am using my converted corpse cart (when I run this army as Vampire counts)... Once again, Empire wizard with BB skele head... Good times...

Eventually I will convert a "walking" casket ala The Arc picture from Indiana Jones...

I was going to run this as the straight model but GW did not include the arm in my kit... I do have 18 unassembled chariots though... Solved...

Big Boney:

Love that model... Might have to do another one soon...


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