Saturday, September 18, 2010

My End of the Deal (A HUGE Blood Angel Army)

So a few weeks back. I traded a large army of sisters of battle and steel legion models (all unpainted) for a full painted Blood Angel Army... I got the box in the mail on Thursday and I have to say... I am pretty happy.

This is what I received:


Chaplain with jump pack
Chaplain in power armour
Librarian in power armour

Librarian in terminator armour
Apothecary/sanguinary priest with jump pack

Death company with jump packs (plenty of power fists and power weapons)
Death company with rhino (plenty of power fists and power weapons)

4x 10 man tactical squads, each with flamer, sergeant and rhino
2x 10 man assault squads with rhinos (no jump packs)
1x 10 man assault squad with jump packs

7x extra veteran sergeants with alternative close combat weapons eg power fists, one with lightning claws, another jump pack.

2x twin linked lascannon attachments to convert rhinos to razorbacks

7x man Terminator squad
10x man scout squad
7x Heavy/special weapons marines

4x bikers, sarge with power fist, one with melta gun
Attack bike with multimelta

2x vindicators
2x whirlwinds

Land raider crusader
Predator annihilator
Predator Destructor
Baal predator with two turrets - flamestorm and twin linked assault cannons

Dreadnought with assault cannon and ccw
Dreadnought with twin linked lascannon and missilelauncher
Death company dreadnought

Not everything is painted to the same standard although it is generally close. The tac squads and some of the assault marines are highlighted but not shaded. I am hoping that this is something that I can fix with minimal repainting. The squad markings are all transfers which is a personal thing of mine. Not a good thing. While these transfers are perfect some are old and are lifting off. I am thinking about painting over the transfers by hand and using them as a guide. We'll see...

Anyone have any good ideas?



  1. Decals don't come off it they a seated right. I use a decal softening solution that helps the decal conform to curved surfaces such as shoulder pads. You might be able to apply a bit of this to help it restick, but its unlikely.

    You'll probably need to apply shading carefully in selected areas as opposed to the whole model. Thin down you paint and apply multiple layers if necessary. I'd like to see a picture of them so I can give you more specific advice instead of this generic mumbojumbo.

    Overall it is a nice really looking army.

  2. FARK

    That's a lot of old school doods!


  3. Yah Brad, here there's a pair of products that could help you. Micro-sol softens the decal to make it conform to the surface without getting nasty folds and creases and Micro-set essentially hardens the decal on the surface. They are both fantastic but you should always paint over them anyway, an unpainted decal is one of the ugliest shiney things I can think of...