Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tomb Kings

Here is the rank and file of my Tomb Kings army.

Tomb Guard

1 Skeleton Unit

The other Skeleton block... You may notice that the HWS skeletons have blood bowl and chariot driver legs. Out of 45 skeletons not one has "regular" legs...


Horsemen (note the heads and knee pads from the blood bowl kits)

My bare bones archers... Sorry bad pun!


Characters and the newer things to come soon...


  1. Awesome looking army! Very nicely painted!

  2. It's great to see such a well painted collection. I especially like the shields on your Tomb Guard, they look fantastic... very cool army!

  3. Great looking army Brad - are they the ones you had done by MPG?

  4. They are. I have done a bunch of extra detail painting and added a bunch of units as well... I need to get pro photos taken of the rest of the army. The Tomb King chariot, the bone giant, scorpion, and all the characters are all to the same standard. I am now getting stuck into the catapult and BSB...

    Love MPG though I haven't used them in... 18 months now?