Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Perfect 100...

So as many of you know I played in heat one of the Warhammer GW run Conflict Tourney. Since 8th just came out it was open to all players not just beginners. I have 11 games under my belt after today. Anyway... Took daemons...

I walked in with 10 out of 10 for comp. GW said they were being soft of comp on purpose for beginners. Most people had 10 out of ten.

Game 1 Vamp Counts. 1 of my units of bloodletters are through a zombie unit to eat his skeleton horde while the other letters ate his general and grave guard block. Fiends ate his hounds. Flamers and blue scribes AND horrors helped out and pretty much wiped out the ghouls.... I tabled my opponent with little return. Zeke was a hell of a nice guy. I had a run with a great rolls.

Game 2... Vamp Counts again... a blur that looked alot like the game before but I flame/shot/ magiced his vargulf off the board before he came to me. Bloodletters are AMAZING! My letter champion killing blowed his vamp lord. Same result...

Game 3... Dwarves... He had three units of thunderers, 2 cannons, and two big units of warriors. He almost shot me off the board. We were playing the standard mission. I was able to barely get half a unit of bloodletters, a herald into combat. I flanked with blue scribes and rear charged with a fiend. I was able to challenge his rune priest and killing blowed him. The rest of the units did a crap load of combat res... He failed his test... Game over. His list was uber hard to beat but he did not have the banners to win. This is what I mean by missions leading comp in this edition.

In the end I did not drop a point. Full comp, painting, sports and battle.... I scored a perfect score... I have never scored a perfect before... I am dumb founded and really happy.

I have to defend this next weekend using the same list. My painting will never win... However... I am thinking if I re sculpt the rest of my army I can take my eyeballs and maybe get conversion points?

Have to think about it...


  1. grats on the wins dood, but i still think its poor form by the lot of you lieing about your first tourny to "noob stomp"

  2. Seriously? Way to drop a bomb like that and not leave your name so we could engage in a meaningful dialogue.

    To respond to your post. There was no lying on the weekend my friend. I live two blocks from the Melbourne GW shop. Those guys watched me paint my tomb kings almost everyday in the shop and helped me playtest my army AND write my list for Axemaster. Every staff member knew where I was going and what I was taking. Those same staff members sold me my Conflict ticket knowing all of this.

    I am loud, bald, American (which sticks out here)... I am a former GW store staff in Melbourne and a known face on the local tourney scene ("What's a battle?" If you have played in a tourney I have played in you would know what that means). There is no way that people could have mistaken me for anything but me when they encouraged me to play in the tourney.

    As I said earlier, Conflict was not just a beginners tourney this year. 8th Ed is new. It was opened to the general public. There were at least 8 players out of 30 who played in Axemaster the week before. Nick wore his Master's jersey. There were also representatives from at least four of Melbourne's better wargaming clubs (only some of those having been at Axemaster the week before) present and playing. To my knowledge not one of those people were pretending to be anything but who they are.

    As far as "newb stomp" goes... Out of my three games, two of my opponents had played ALOT more 8th than I had and where helping me with the rules that I am still learning. Again after yesterday I have only played 11 games of 8th (9 of which were tourney games).

    With a swiss system the most Newb action I could face (if I didn;t qualify as a newb) would be one game. I massacred my first opponent to go on to play someone who did likewise in their first game. I then did it again to play someone who had likewise completely won his first two games.

    If you had put your name on such an incendiary statement we could have had a reasonable chat. Since you didn't I have to assume you where trying to "get my goat." Too bad you couldn't "man up."