Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Thoughts on 8th Ed Tomb Kings

Had my 2nd game of Warhammer over the weekend and really enjoyed myself. I played my mate Scooter and 2500 points of his beastmen. He had a few big beast herds, a bestigor herd, a big unit of minotaurs, a lvl 4 mage, a lvl 2 mage, some centigors, some pumba gors, a few chariots, AND a Doom bull…

I was running my Axemaster Tomb King list and he was running the same list he was taking to the GW staff tourney.

I didn’t take detailed notes but there were some moments of note:

The Bone giant ran smack into the minotaurs and was promptly cut down. Note to self: keep big boney from big scary infantry! He was awesome against dragon princes in my first game but got pawned before I could swing against the bullboys…

The Casket of Souls in AWESOME! I did not get it off once but the neg one to enemy spell casting makes a big difference. In addition I was able to get off several more incantations because Scott held at least two dice every turn to prevent the casket from going off. Had it gone off against plain beastmen leadership… Yikes!

Tomb King magic is hard to block. I have three priests and a king with two “My will be done.” I was able to move things willy nilly around the board and charge surprising distances. Opponents usually need 8 dispel dice to stop the incantations at the very least and that does not count the casket. Something is going off… Just need to make sure it is what I need!

Missions are weird. We played a random deployment mission and that screwed my liche priest deployments. Very weird but once again it added a neat element to the game.

A unit of 40 Skeletons with the banner of re-raiseing dead skeletons with a BSB is hard to get rid of. Got hit by Centigors to the front and a chariot to the side and after my next magic phase… almost at starting strength.

Ushabti are wicked. They were terrible for so long that I am shocked at how good they are now… A unit of 4 kicked the snot out of a unit of Bestigor with great weapons and ran them down. Brutal. Now just to keep them alive long enough…

I ran the hard to hit Tomb King (The WS 10 sword with the minus 1 to hit armour). He is in fact hard to hit. Challenged the BSB and was not hit and killed him back.

Icon Bearers are cool. I have to paint one now… Quickly… and a Screaming Skull Catapult… Progress logs to come soon.

Chariots are very hit or miss. I think the key to them is charging people in the flanks.

Thinking back I wonder… Can you incantation move yourself more than once in a turn?

Have to look that up… Anyway… Til next time gang…

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