Friday, November 16, 2012

A Brief Update

Sooo it has been a crazy week of work but I have had long cycle trips to consider which direction to take my raider WIPs...

I decided that I needed to add bits to make them immediately identifiable as Dark Eldar Raiders. This in mind I ordered a few of these:
It will be the first time I have officially ordered bits off an online store.  Looking forward to seeing how long it will take and to get my grubby paws on the sails to convert up on my boats...

I may have also picked up a few packs of these for another project:
I am very excited that people are selling Forgeworld bits these days.  I hadn't been looking but I am very happy with the discovery!

Have a great weekend gang!



  1. Always good to see what "Mad Scientist" conversions you are up. Let me know about the bitz company. I haven't tried any yet.

  2. LOL! One tries man. Glad to see that folks are watching...

  3. If you bought from horde o bits, you're pretty safe. I've used them a number of times and never had problems. There are a couple of delays at the moment because of the weather in th States, but that's outside the seller's control, innit.

  4. You know most of those forgeworld bits on ebay are forgeries.
    The tell is seller location (Russia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan etc) and the volumes. The prices listed are cheaper than FW by 30% and in good numbers (ie buyer has multiples in the listing). There is no way people can be selling these volumes for a loss as FW don't do wholesale...

  5. Yeah... The price was higher than the usual overseas malarky. Hope they are real... :S