Friday, November 9, 2012

WIP Dark Eldar Scratch Built Raider Spam

Hey gang… 

I thought I would check in and report on how my scratch built raider project was going.  I have basically built and trimmed the base platforms for all 6 raiders and 2 ravagers.

I have then added facings on 2 of the 4 sides of all 8 platforms (so they do not just look like piles of layers of plasticard).   On three of eight platforms I have finished the facings on all 4 sides.  If that makes sense. 

I was able to cut the remaining pieces this morning before work (thanks to an early morning crank call) but ran out of time before I was able to glue them in place.

The next step is to fill the gaps with green stuff and then to sand everything smooth.   I will then add an engine to the back and a cowl to the front (to mount a dark lance on).  I am thinking about adding a sail to each as well (might bitz order those off the existing raider kit but I am not sure yet).

The ravager will have wall plates added to the sides like the old kit (because I will be using spare side plates from the old kit).
 After that…  Model and paint up crew…  

That is the plan anyway…

Not sure how I will model the crew to look like wyches as I am running out of metal bits to kit bash with the new plastics.  I will have to see I suppose...

Til next time gang!


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