Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Impressions of 6th Ed

I just walked in the door after a great afternoon of gaming shenanigans and thought I would get down some thoughts about the "new" 40K before they were gone.

I took my old workhorse daemons in a game against fellow Hampton member JP.  He brought a space wolf list with BA allies.  He had wolf riders, grey hunters in pods, dreads in pods, a fast dakka pred with a BA libby with squad in drop pod.  Lots of toys but that was not surprising since we were playing 2000 points.  I will skip the battle report and focus instead on what we learned.

In no particular order:

Hammer of Wrath is cool... I just need to remember to do it!

I like how monstrous creatures have to half their attacks to hurt vehicles.  It seems to match how I would envision it actually working in "reality."

Fearless without extra wounds if you loose means that fearless is back to being solid (as I understand).  My horror units with a 4 up inv save and fearless could be charged and hold things up until the big stuff stomped in.

As a big 8th Edition Fan (Fantasy) I already really like pre-measuring and random charges.  I also really like the idea of snap firing folks when they charge you.  Again I think it fits cinematically.

The allies thing was kinda weird but I am already getting used to it.  Not sure if and when I will get around to actually creating an army that uses them though...

Wondering now how my guard will hold up in this edition.?

All in all I LOVE the new game!  I am sure that everyone else knows this and I am really late to the party BUT what the hey...  Also, I  need to buy a Dark Vengeance rulebook from somewhere...  Carrying the big book and finding things in it is already killing me!


P.S.  My pictures from todays game didn't come out (really blurry for some reason)...  These are piccies from the few turns of 6th that I tried when the game came out (Sorry JP!)...


  1. No drama- had fun today even as I was getting pantzed! Round 2 will see my boyz redeem themselves!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
    Are those your Land Raiders Brad? They look like yours, but I didn't know Daemons could get them.

  3. Doesn't matter who won. We are still learning the game. :)

    Drew. My piccies from yesterday didn't come out. That is my land raider crusader. I used it in another game against Badfang's borrowed daemons. :)