Friday, November 2, 2012

A Return To 40K

November kicks off a painting challenge within my gaming group (Hampton Wargaming Club) called "Duelling Brushes."  Now I did consider joining in the painting fun but given all that has been going on in my life I decided that it just did not making sense to commit to something that I would be unlikely to finish.  Instead I used it as an opportunity to examine my hobby...  I think it is time in my life to do something drastic and revisit my oldest true love (gaming wise)...  40K.

I attended the old game club last weekend and watched my first true game of 6th edition and I have to say that I REALLY dug what I saw.  I had been dreading the idea of picking up 40K again as I know that I often get carried away with crazy ideas that hog enormous amounts of time and money.  I expected to pick it up at some point either out of necessity (I am the Captain of the Hampton, Victorian Inter Club Championship early next year) or out of desire...  Chaos Space Marines have always been one of my oldest hobby faves.  Wellll, I think I am hooked.  I am playing my first full game tomorrow at club using my old Tzeentch Daemons (they all fit in one case so they are perfect for train travel).  I will report back what I think...

In the meantime, I got my 40K hobby bug back and a niggling itch in the back of my hobby brain for the last year or so has been that my beloved Wyche Cult army is currently unplayable as I destroyed their converted vehicles.   

You can see the vehicles and most of the army here:

After the last time out I turfed the raiders and ravagers for the army (they kept falling apart and local chuckleheads kept driving me grief about them representing the transports).  I did keep the bases and guns and have been considering buying the GW versions for a while...  Something about them just doesn't sit right with me though... So I bought some plasticard...  A lot of plasticard!

Using my basic idea for the platform off my Cauldron of Blood as a guide I cut out the bases for 8 raider chassis's using the dimensions of the newest of kits. (some shots of the workbench)

The idea is to create flaying platforms that will look very basically like this (with a lot more stuff on top and without the Avatar):
I have also grabbed some Reaper blank dollies for some character conversions.  Not sure what will come from that little experiment BUT I thought I would give character work a go...

 Now I have no definite plans to finish anything in any particular time frame... BUT I am excited about the DE vehicles...  Let's see what I can get done...


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