Monday, November 26, 2012

THE RIDDLE OF ARC!!! (1200 Points or BUST!)

I have been taking on additional duties at work over the last 12 months (as a primary school teacher) and next year I have been asked to work the week before school actually begins (which is new for me).  What this means to the greater scheme of things is that I will not be able to make my usual trek to Canberra over Australia Day for Cancon.  I have been going to Cancon for 5 years now and I really like the camaraderie of the trip with my mates, the 8 tournament games over 3 days, the rooms of gaming stores, and the choice of playing 40K or Fantasy.  Well…  Not this year…  As I am effectively grounded in Melbourne it looks as though I have to get back on the horse and revisit Arcanacon if I want to play tactical war dollies over the long holiday weekend. 

For those who don’t know, Aracanacon is the largest 40K tournament run in the southern hemisphere. It is extremely hard to get tickets to and sells out early every year.  I attended ARC the first few years after moving to Australia and had a blast.  For a variety of reasons I stopped going and have been going to Cancon for the last 5 years.  As a former ARC Champion I am guaranteed a golden ticket to ARC.  I think that for the first time… I will use it.

Now to the problem that I always struggle with (and that is my only criticism of the ARC system):  ARC is 1200 point event.  For a 6 games over two days the point level seems a little small.  I understand that ARC has always been that point level but as editions have changed in the last 15 years, point levels and the game have changed as well. In 3rd ed a 1200 point army looked very different than a 1200 point army now that we are in 6th edition.  Everything just seems small.  I suppose it helps with comp as it prevents a lot of the truly broken combos (not enough points) or if people do take the broken combos their lists lack the numbers of models to win. 

I really dislike 1200points as a point level.  I just can never decide what to take.  I never feel like I have enough stuff.   In the last week, as I look to get into the 1200 point mindset again, I have gone back to the drawing board and I think I have two possible lists (so far anyway)…  My trusty Wyche Cult… Which is why I am rebuilding all the raiders and ravagers from scratch… And a rebuild of the list that I first took to ARC all those years ago…  Foot Slogging Guard.   

Allies and fortifications are variables that I am still struggling to get my head around… 

Another consideration is appearance.  ARC is filled with beautiful armies so whatever I take will have to look the part as the painting and conversion criteria is tough.  If I can’t get a beautiful army on the table I won’t use it. 

Soooo I have the next few months to get an older project up to scratch or to cough up something at the top of my game… 

I think I need some practice games and fast!


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