Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are Necron Aircav Spam Lists Illegal?

Allllllrighty… So I have a fairly large rules question. Let’s start by looking at three main rules…

Reserves on Page 124
“When deploying their armies, players can choose not to deploy up to half of their units (rounding up) keeping them as Reserves to arrive later.  Units that must start the game in reserve are ignored for the purposes of working out how many other units may do so.  A unit and its dedicated transport are counted as a single unit for these purposes.”

Flyers on Page 80
“ Flyers must begin the game as reserves- it takes time for a Warlord to organize and coordinate air support.”

Victory Conditions on Page 122
Likewise, if at the end of any game turn, one player has no models on the battlefield, his opponent automatically wins.”

Reserves start rolling at the start of turn 2…

I was reading through the rules for flyers so I could run my all aircav guard list in 6th edition 40K…  According to the reserves rules I can only put up to half of my units in Valkyries as only half of an army’s choices can be held in reserves and flyers MUST be held in reserves.  Is this right? I guess that means I need to have a ground portion to all of my guard armies now? (Welllll…there goes my theme!)

But that is not the case… Is it?  How does that work with all the necron flyer armies out there (terrorizing tournaments around the world)?  Only half the army can be flyers…  Right?

AND if all-flyer spam is legal (maybe I am missing something and I hope that I am)… Since all flyers are required to start in reserve wouldn’t the flyer player loose automatically as they do not have a unit on the board at at least one point during the game?


  1. Brad, the way I read this is that you couldn't have ALL flyers, as you'd lose at the end of turn one, but you could have "all but one" units as flyers. Basically flyers aren't counted for the purposes of determining how many units constitute half of your army. So if you had a lot of flyers and then three ground units, all the flyers would be in reserve, and you could choose to put one ground unit in reserve (not more than half of your non-flyer units).

    I hope that helps.


  2. More than half can be flyers/units on flyers/other units that must start in reserve, but you must have something on the table turn one.

    So for your aircav guard, your valks/vends and any units on them would start in reserve automatically and wouldn't count towards the 50%. If say you had two scout sentinel units too, one of them (50%) could start in reserve while the other one has to start on the table.

    As for theme, two easy (IMO) ways to do it are A) Make the units that start out your pathfinders/guys who've already been dropped off or B) Part of another force that the aircav is coming to back up/reinforce/rescue.

  3. R.A.W - All flyers = lose. Can't wait for Arc!! :)
    Still, it kinda drags your theme, but the ideas above kinda help a bit.

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  5. Thanks guys!

    Looks like my guard are not coming to Arc unless they are walking!

    Cheers Posey! Will check it out!