Friday, July 23, 2010


Ok... 7 Valkyries are done. 66 Guardsmen done. Astropath done. Three objectives... DONE!!! Thank God!

I started the planes by hitting them with army painter green spray. I followed that up with a liberal application of devlin mud. I panel painted the green using a mix of a variety of foundations and lots of snot green. I highlighted that with the same colour with a healthy dose of bleached bone.

Didn't have time to snap proper pictures but it had been so long I thought I would get some shots in of something. Here are a few shots of a few of the valks...

I added free hand eagles to the sides of the cockpits and roman numerals on the wings to match the squads inside. (I was having a hard time keeping track of who was in where.)

I also spent a great deal of time highlighting the scopes all over the front of the valkyries. Hope the pictures does them justice.

After watching the helicopter scene from Apoc Now a few too many times I know what my objective had to be. A giant speaker that I can plug my IPOD into. That is right kids... Flight of the Valkyries will be playing during army presentation time. I painted the Eagle motif on the side to match it to the army and a this side up.

My wife will be happy that our living room will stop looking like this:

Off to the tourney this weekend.


  1. Using the miniature speaker as an objective is a brilliant idea, and very funny! The valkyries look great, too, I really like the color scheme you chose.

  2. Valks look great. Good luck at the tourney!