Thursday, July 1, 2010

Now And A Future PDF

Yesterday or so GW posted Tyranid and Blood Angel PDF's to their website. I am happy to have some relatively timely PDF action and I have yet to really get stuck into these for "gems" of GW knowledge. That being said I did catch a few tidbits that change the way I play.

For Tyranids: Zoenthropes in a unit can use different psychic attacks in the same turn (they still have to use them against the same unit though) and everyone in the squad has to take individual psychic tests... Independent characters cannot join units in pods (BUMMER!) and units who have pods have to use them to deploy (none of this empty drop pod rubbish). And finally some clarity in the Doom's rules...

For Blood Angels:

Baal Predators can move flat out in scout... Not all that surprising but they can fire smoke launchers then as well. Transports do not get the Decent of Angels rule no matter who is inside them. You can't use Corbulo to change the roll for first turn.

In other PDF news, GW will be putting out PDF's on the 8th Ed Fantasy Release day for every Fantasy army to fix the gaps and inconsistencies inflicted by the new rules. Keep your eyes peeled.

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