Monday, November 22, 2010

Back in the saddle!


The rough draft of my reports are in and my wife has stepped out of town for a few days... Another hobby project... YES PLEASE! :)

I have roughly 4-5 weeks til Christmas when I get the skaven army under the tree that I posted piccies of earlier. I'll have lots of play testing and hobby having to do with that then. Til then though... as my good buddy Adam puts it. I have time to vomit out another army at a distressing speed.

I really wanted to do a kit bash of empire and bretonnian knights to make an all knight list using Bret rules but with rumored Knight of the Blazing Sun conversion kits confirmed for next week I will wait to see if these are what I want to add to an already bit busy project.

Leaving Chaos Warriors and Dark Elves... Thoughts?

The DE would be witch elf heavy using the old 40K wyche models as I detest the witch elf models. I am a little worried that they won't rank up but I can get creative with milliput I think.

The WOC would be Marauder heavy...

Here are some WOC works in progress...

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  1. Each and every one is so lovely. If only I could be the proud owner of one. Thank you.