Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Chaos Dwarves and Gaunt's Ghosts?

So it has been an insane week at my new school which has really cut down on the amount of hobby time I have available at the moment.  That being said I have finished sculpting the join bitz on my unit of 26 chaos dwarves and in hoping to paint the other night... I primed the lot black...  They are still black.

Here are some shots of a few of the bull centaur/ warrior hybrid models...
You might notice that I have swapped weapons as well as some of the hats to vary the models up a bit.
 and from behind...
Not the most amazing sculpting I have ever done but I think that once paint hits these models they will look much better.

AND coming soon from Blight Wheel Miniatures...  Grant's Specktors... Criid anyone?
These guys have already done a stalk tank...  I hope they do more basic troopers.  I would by another guard army!


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  1. Great looking Chaos Dwarfs! Have started an army a while back, but taking a back seat to other projects also. Can't wait to see some paint on them!