Saturday, February 18, 2012

New stuff coming up (space skaven?)(FW Bassie... Not 40K)

Sooo after a delightful evening of boardgames with the boys we took a quick look at Warhammer forge and Mantic and we generally like what we saw.

First of all here is the HUGE (that is an araknarock spider base) new resin Basilisk.  I absolutely love this model and at 60 pounds it is a wonderful price at the current exchange rate.

As beautiful as this model is...  I really want Warhammer Forge to make a K'daai Destroyer and/or little K'daai.

AND here are a few teaser shots of Mantic's new Space Skaven...  They look like they are marketing them as "Aliens."  I am interested in seeing more of what they will do with new models....

In any event I look forward to seeing what comes soon from a variety of companies...


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  1. I don't think that is the araknarock spider base. I think it is the Screaming Bell base (60mmx100mm I believe).