Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Feelings On The New Warriors Book

With my birthday is a few weeks off I have promised not to buy anything hobby wise as to not ruin possible presents...  sadly this includes the new Warriors of Chaos book that came out on Saturday.  Having owned several Warriors armies over the years and editions I am pretty damned excited about the possibilities available with this book.

Last night I got my first real look at the book (outside of pirate PDF's)...

First and for most I think GW fixed the most glaring problems with the book with a few small changes. Most importantly Chaos Marauders have been ridiculously underpriced since the advent of 8th ed.  I am very happy to see that they went up a few points per model and that great weapons also went up a few points.  Are they too expensive now...  Maybe by a point or two?  Are they more closely priced to what they should be?  Damned straight.  I was tired to death of seeing hordes of great weapon marauders as far as the eye could see.  Puppet... Gone!  Thank God!  Gateway... fixed? Maybe... but now I can run Tzeentch now with getting comped into next week.

Meanwhile my old list has only gone up a few points and still generally does the same things:

Sword and board marauders and warriors with MOT...  Almost the same (overall up a few points)

Knights (I run three units of 5)... Up 15 points IF I keep the ensorcelled weapons (I probably will)

Dogs:  The same BUT now I can run them with vanguard for 2 points more.  This is HUGE for my army.  My dogs always struggled to get where I needed them.  This should fix my mobility issues.

Marauder Horse...  Similar... (forgot to compare point values)

Chariots: cheaper AND now core!  SWEET! I might have to convert up some being pulled by my fury troll creatures and use them as the CRAZY special version.  T6 is awesome!

I just finished the unit of 24 trolls (sculpting that is)...  They drop 10 points per model!  I will take the loss of mutant regen and magical attacks for the lower price!  I wonder if people will be pissed if I take three units of 8?  Speaking of which... I think I need to convert a Throgg model ASAP as he is broken as all get out AND by taking him I can take trolls as core.

Sure everyone is talking about how AWESOME Chimera and Dp's are BUT I think they are going to get comp hit in the junk ASAP.  I think I might just stick with what I have...

Magic wise the lore of Tzeentch looks good but "warp flame" is silly.  Will have to play test a fair bit but the idea of giving my opponent an ever increasing ward save is they pass their T tests is kinda annoying.
Lore of Nurgle is full of buffs and hexs...  It will be the new black especially on DP's.
Slaneshi magic looks fun but once again I think this warrants some playing.

Overall I love that the book is filled with viable choices.  LOTS of list options that suit a variety of play.  I really like the new book!

The Dwellers Below Podcast got together last night to discuss this very topic.  Stay tuned for the cast itself.  I got a lot out of it.  Hope you will too....

Anyway...  Time to find my warrior case in storage...  Blah...



  1. I think the rage of Lore of Tzeentch is a bit silly. Its still a very useable lore if a little under powered. Your list from the old book seems pretty solid for an average to slightly weaker than average comp army.

  2. Well it was considered that in the last version of the book so I am kinda pleased it shouldn't be ridiculous in the new version. We'll see...