Friday, February 8, 2013

Throgg options...

I have decided to run Throgg in my warriors army as the truck loads of trolls I have would make a very solid core section (he makes trolls core)... He is strength 8 with his great weapon, has the old magical regen rule, vomits strength 5, can be a general ... etc, etc.  He is a tank.

The problem is.... What model to use?
Here is the new GW one:
Very cool and heroic and the like but he really doesn't fit the ascetic of my furry, sculpted Pac Man gribblies...   The cape especially does't work.  I suppose I could sculpt fur on the back and that could tie him in with his smaller friends BUT something about the face does't click for me...  Neither does the almost $100 price tag down here in AUS!  YUCK!

My old buddies at Miss Painting Group made this version (The one on the right):
Now I quite like this dude.  Big ugly and very similar to the book art from the last book.  Add some fur and BAMMMM!  I think he would be perfect.  Problem is that the ebay store for MPG stopped selling him and the rest of their GW like sculpts.  Wondering if legal got to them?

Which leaves me with making my own which is probably the best best bet as it would then definitely match my trolls.  Thinking about using a minotaur body as a base to sculpt on top of or maybe even an old metal stone troll...  Anyone have any ideas?

Either way I think I need to make two more troll models as pullers for the new special chariot option.
Luckily I have a pile of metal chariots ripe for conversions.

Off to think... 



  1. take a look at the troll king from the Reaper minis. Looks somewhat like the MPG.

  2. Make one of your trolls with a pink bow.

  3. Is that a nod to my first tattoo Drew?

  4. This guy makes a pretty awesome Troll King. I use him as my Throgg.