Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Assembly Continues

So I finalized a list. 4 Plague Squads in rhinos. Vindicator. 4 Terminators. Daemon Prince. Greater Daemon. 10 Lesser Daemons.

So the 28 plague marines are fully assembled and black primed. Rhinos half built.

Terminators built. I used blood angel melta pistols to combine with combi-bolters to make combi-meltas. After re-reading the Flight of the Eisenstein (especially the description of Death-shroud) I decided make the terminator power weapons mini scythes.

I am a huge fan of the Frighteners. I really like the idea of the grim reaper. I used the nightbringer model as a base. I dremelled out his hood (took off his face) and extended his hood down to cover the hole better. I used the head of a scythe from a nurgle champion to replace the nightbringer's scythe. He has the wings off aa winged nightmare and I added strips of cloth over his chest and back to cover him up a little better.

The Great Unclean One. Added a ball for a head (it will be a huge eyeball) and lips over the teeth.

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