Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back with a New Batch

Well, as I said, I played in a tournament on the weekend using the puppies. On one hand it was fun and I got them to a decent standard (kinda) BUT, on the other hand, I am bored to tears with them already. On the car ride home from the tourney I had the unnatural urge to paint a plague marine. Dunno why I just did. Sooo I dug into the old closet and pulled out a massive box nurgley goodness.

Got busy assembling models last night and shoulder pads and bolters aside I have 28 plague marines ready for priming. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go dirty green or dirty bone. So I painted a test model. You may notice it is a regular marine. I do have proper plague marines but this was a black primed model that needed so test paint loving.

I painted one leg green and one bone. I think I like the bone better. Not sure. The highlighting is not all that clean as I was going for messy but I am generally pleased for a test figure.

What do you guys think? I know the pictures are kinda blurry. That aside, What do you think of the colours?

I will leave you with picts of one last army from the weekend. Emperor's kids...


  1. Loving the blog Brad. You've inspired me to resurrect mine :-)

  2. While I like both the versions, I'd go with the green. White is traditionally the symbol of cleanliness and purity. I don't think that is the message Plaque Marines want to send.

  3. LOL... True matey... I was looking for the dirty version of their original scheme... I see what you mean.