Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of Little Things

(this photo added later)...


Updates time:

Reports are killing me (I teach when I am not monkeying with toy soldiers) and are eating all of my free time. Because of this and our little vacation to Brisbane on the weekend I am really behind in everything including work for this blog. Thankfully when I am busy the world still turns.

My box from Forgeworld arrived. I ordered Space Wolf and Blood Angel Bitz (and bobs) a while back and to my happiness everything showed up. Must be my lucky mail week.

So my forlorn Storm Raven will finally get some attention again (now that I have icons to put on it). This is what arrived to go on my "bird." Blood Angel icons:

I also got a pack of Blood Angel Brass Etch:

With that in mind I did spend a little time last night filling annoying gaps on the fuselage that have been bothering me for weeks. Here is a close up shot of a few of the fillers. You can see them in white:

I also added details (hatches etc) to the roof and sides. More on that soon.

I know I am light on the updates... That will change soon (reports are due Monday)... Until next time sports fans...

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