Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Largest Daemon Prince You Have Ever Seen!

So people kept asking me if the kitbashed Storm Raven was the most expensive model I owned. To be fair the combo of forgworld bitz, a valkyrie, and a land raider IS pretty expensive. But not compared to this bad boy. Here is a forge world Abbaddon statue that I chiseled off the pile of skulls and rebuilt to be walking off a smashed land speeder. There is an army that matches this that is a combination of chaos warrior bitz and chaos marine bitz. More photos to come of that in a day or two. In the meantime... Harkov Ironfist in all his Glory!


  1. wow! That landspeeder and ripped in half marine look brilliant!!

  2. Thank God there's no topknot.

    As cool as the base model is, I think my favorite parts are the little extras you added to help show what scale he's really in, like the wolf pelt and the heads.

  3. WOW, he is so huge! Would be good to see him towering over the army as a whole. surely can't count as a daemon prince, not with that much HUUUUGENESS :-)