Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick updates

Status updates...
20 more Space Wolf metal chapter badges purchased. Check
Flash cleared. Check.
Power Fist and bolters to replace other bitz cleaned of flash. Check
Priming and painting madness to continue after work... Sigh... Check...

Army list turned in... (1000 points)... Check
(and here it is)
Wolf Priest with Plasma Pistol

Lone Wolf in Terminator Armour w/ Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer & 2 Fenris Wolves

Pack Morkai
10 Grey Hunters (2 Plasma Guns, Power weapon)

Pack Heimdall
10 Grey Hunters (2 Plasma Guns, Power weapon)

Pack Starkad
9 Blood Claws (Power Fist)

Pack Hagbard
6 Grey Hunters (plasma Gun)
Razorback with Dual Lascannons

Fast Attack
Land Speeder with Multi- Melta

Here is a Blood Raven Update... Here is my missle assembly. One of these goes under each wing...

You probably can't see it but there is scope mounted between each rock pairing. If only I had time I would love to paint this model...

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