Monday, June 21, 2010

Owww. My Eye!

Some of you might have noticed my falling off the face of the planet for a few days. I got stuck into finishing my Space Wolves at the end of last week in the idea of finishing them for the tournament on the weekend. The long story: I sprayed the new space wolf shoulder pads grey and the primer went bubbly. Super uncool. I had to scrape 20 shoulder pads clean and prime them by hand. Not only did this waste lots of time I ended up getting a little piece of metal shoulder pad lodged under one of my eyelids. I could not flush it out with eye drops or water... Soooooo... Off to the emergency room at midnight on a school night. Not fun. AND a waste of time. (to be fair it could have been a rock from the way home BUT either way it was a painful experience). I have been popping drops of anti bacterial solution into my eyes since then. Between not sleep for that and not sleeping in prep for the tourney I am shattered. You can pictures of the offending grit to the right.

I will get you guys a proper tourney report (or what my sleep deprived mind remembers) tomorrow. In the meantime here is my army as it appeared at the tourney. I am super pleased with how the vehicles turned out. Also Big ups to Tim, Rat and Drew who kept me company the night before and helped me to get the last minute nitty gritty done. (I got full painting marks at the tourney... Was very happy about that)

The colours are really flattened by my flash. I will get pictures taken soon.

Here is a picture of a custom Mephiston that Mouse Muffins is working on. HOLY AWESOME! Hope the pictures do him justice. I am going to see if I can get him to photograph him painted for the blog.

Why is it only now that I realize that I did not paint the headlights on my rhino and razorback... Sigh... Sorry guys... (and gals)


  1. Great pics. Mouse Muffins definitely has some skills :)

    How did you go at the tourney?

    I have signed up for a 1750 tournament and cannot decide between my space wolves and guard. Space wolves seem to be getting hammered on comp scores at the moment.

    Happy Gaming,


  2. I had some horrific luck in the first two games but I more than made up for it in painting scores and my last two games... Came 7th? out of thirty something players. I have been hit hard by the comp stick with my guard but my wolves have been fairly good comp wise. I think using a wolf priest helps... That being said he is kinda rubbish and I don;t think I will be using him (alone anyway) again...