Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Revolution Army Shots

So as mentioned I played in a 1000 point tourney on the weekend. For being such a small point value and generally small in terms of numbers (30 players) I was really impressed with the quality of army that was present. The GROTS club did a really good job running the tourney and I really look forward to the next event that they run. My wife has our camera in the states at the moment so I hope you'll excuse the camera phone shots...

First of all, Mouse Muffins Blood Angels... Wow is all I can say. They look amazing in person.

Next Mike Yogee's Night Lords: (The free hand on these models is amazing. The close up shots I took did not come out. I will try and get better picts the next tourney I catch him at.

Mike ended up taking overall and best painted. I've included a few action shots of his army right before he walked through my wolves. You'd think that 40 Blood claw attacks with preferred enemy, 30 Grey hunter attacks and a wolf Priest could take a wound or two off his daemon prince to win me the game. Nope... Sigh...

Ben's Guard: (you can see action shots of these guys in my Tzeentch Daemon army showcase)

Rojo's Raiders had these awesome teeth in the paint scheme: (Thanks again for the ride matey!)

And last but not least Fugoff's Custodes... Yes Dave they were made to look like yours.

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  1. damn those blood angels look hot in these blurry shots, cant imagine what they look like in person!