Saturday, June 5, 2010


Besides being buried at work and trying to spend as much time with my wife before she leaves for a business trip, I am trying to figure out what army to finish. I have 5 major projects on the go that I could nail down.

1) Finish the Feral Orks/ Orc horde... This will require a sickening amount of work but it is possible. I could use this in two tournaments in the next 2 months... you guys have seen the pictures...

2) Fix the shoddily painted Space Wolves that I got from overseas. This will require a bit of re-sculpting of pelts and heads swaps (and weapon swaps)... I would also have to paint the vehicles. I would need a good theme here though.

3) I have 7 Valkyries assembled and primed and the troops to go in them. a mix between valkyrie door gunner models and forgeworld veteran bits. Shotgun armed vets in Valks...

4) Alien themed Tyranids. This is the furtherest along but also the most amount of work to finish.
Here is a quick taste:

The poll is up on the sideboard. What do you think?

In the meantime I leave you with a picture of me on vacation in Brisbane last weekend.


  1. I stand by my previous comments. Get the Space Puppies rollin', yo!

  2. You said you had 5 possible projects, but there are only 4 options in the poll. What gives, Morin?

  3. Ahhhhh... I forgot to add the much needing to be finished Sons of Helvis... My Bad

  4. He was skewing the poll by dropping a choice that he didn't want to work on.

    BTW, why are you standing next to a big rat?