Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Death Guard Assembly Done

After a week of intense work my Death Guard army is fully assembled.

Today I cleaned and based 10 Plague Bearers.

Finished my Great Unclean One. You can see that I went for one big eye to offset the massive mouth in his belly. I also used the fist off of a GW troll model (the new ones) to replace my missing one. Thanks to Nathan at GW Melbourne for the "hand."

Here is Rhino number one. I like the idea of plague stacks on the tops of my vehicles spewing toxic/ infectious fumes where ever the plaguies go. I numbered them in threes like the skulls in nurgle's symbol. I added green stuff to the insides of the vehicles and forgeworld armour where I could.

Here are shots from both sides:

Rhino number #2's shots didn't really focus so I left them off besides it is the most stock standard of the bunch.

Rhino number 3 and the Vindicator can be seen here:

Rhino 4 has a havoc launcher and you can see both sides here:

The infantry are primed. I plan to prime the rest tomorrow weather willing. LET THE PAINTING BEGIN!

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