Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Actual Cauldron Begins...

Weeeellll... The progress continues.

I thought the cart looked fairly bare so I have added some spear tips to jazz it up a little. I am thinking of mounting skulls on the side or rivets. I'll experiment. Anyway here are some work in progress shots including a picture from behind.

Tired of looking at the empty spot where the cauldron will live? I am... So I have green stuffed a cauldron around a styrofoam frame. I then cut a boarder around the top just below an upturned 25mm round base. Below that I used the tip of a click pen to print irregular circular patterns to break up the plain flat exterior of the pot. Then I quarter filled the pot with water effects to smooth the casting irregularities on the inside of the base. When I looked this morning it was clear now but still had the pattern of the casting circles. Grumble. I think I will stick a few skulls in the pot to mask this...

I have also been working on my corsair regiment. 16 out of 20 built and ready. I need more arms to finish the last 4 and the dark riders. I have bought two boxes of corsairs from a dude online that have all the bits but are missing their cloaks. That is fine as I need the other bitz more than anything else. Think they will be at the post office tonight. I hope so anyway.

I have been working arms and heads from the new plastic wyches into my dark riders, warriors and corsairs. If you look closely above you can see some different arms mixed in.

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