Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First look at the Orcs and Goblins (chaos dwarf lib army)

As I explained in my last post, my orc and gobbo army is supposed to be made up of the hardened, starving, freezing survivors of a green skin revolt from their chaos dwarf slave masters. I wanted models in the army to have furs and to look thin and "ard" looking. Here is some of what I have assembled. Most of the basic grey/green stuffing is done at this point.

Here is the first unit of boyz. The orcs in the back are all heavily "rugged up" to protect them from the elements. The front rank has thrown back their furs behind their shoulders. Heavy fur has been added to an assortment of GW capes to get this to look right. (there are another 50 of these boys done BUT camera issues. Will get new ones up soon)

Now astute observers will note that the orcs are on round bases this is for easy ranking. (especially with the %^&%^ Black Orc models seen later).

I am using laser cut Gale Force Nine movement trays and they are ace. I will write a proper review of them later this week.

Here is my unit one unit of goblins. I wanted them to look mean and thin so I actually glued a goblin head to a cut down ork shoota to make the armatures for these models. I also hate the bodies these heads are supposed to sit on so I think it is a massive improvement all around. Big ups to Land Of Misfit Toys regular Drew who helped me get through this unit quick smart. Cheers matey!

Once again GF9 movement trays...

Trolls with furry bitz...

My ride is here soooo more soon.

Til then...



  1. That's a different theme and alot of fur. They have an interesting look, but I think they are bit too repeatitive, maybe too uniform. Just my opinion, but to make them a bit more dynamic I would suggest maybe making a few more like the front rank for the step-up attackers in the second rank, maybe at the point that they are just starting to throw back their furs, to do that step up support, little less movement and dynamic looking than the front dudes. It also may help get your story theme across to people. I do like the front rank orcs, they have flair.

    Again just my opinion, I get bored easily when painting so I counter that by modeling in a lot of different looks.

  2. Oooo... That's a really good idea... I will see about getting a 2nd rank test model puttied up. I really like that. Darn it and I was almost finished assembling... :)