Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big 40K Weekend

So Arcanicon is around the corner. It is the largest 40K tourney in the southern hemisphere. Last year they had something like 200 plus players. This year because it is the last time that "War All The Time" is running the event they are limiting numbers. A small cozy 140 players! Apparently the waiting list is as long as the player list! YIKES! To help those who have not gotten a ticket there are two, one day events this weekend where you could possibly win a "golden ticket." (Willy Wonka Style)

I have opted out of Arc this year as I don;t sleep for months before hand BUT I do want to get in on the fun of two one day tournies in a row. As I really don;t want to win (and as I have played one game in 6 months... of 40K) I thought it would be a great time to monkey around with different lists.

Day 1: Saturday: Dark Eldar... I know, I know... I can hear the booing from here. Or maybe that is the wheels on the bandwagon turning I hear groaning. Either way in last edition I had a very successful very brief run with a badly painted wyche cult. I wanted to bring them back. Unfortunately between 5th ed and the new DE book the ol wyche cult ain't what it used to be...

%^*& it. I am going to give it a go. my 1200 point list revolves around 4 squads of nine wyches, 1 squad of 7 blood brides, and 1 ravager... All squads are mounted in a raider with a dark lance. A few power weapons and agonizers aside that is it. Except for HQ. Now everyone and their dog is taking an archon and/or special characters (in not hemo coven lists). I am taking the never talked about sucubus. Yup it is a poor choice but it is themed. All wyches all the time and it is what I have...

Here are a few dirty shots of the troops while their water effects dries. Many thanks to Chris Cousins who helped me to get this project done in next to zero time. I will take more photos on the day.

Day 2: Blood Angels: More groans... I know... I am taking another list that is a little left of the norm. tac squad in razorback, a couple of assault squads in rhinos, a chaplain with priest in 7 jump packs. Ok, not that left but hardly abusive. Never used the Angels before and I am pretty excited about it.

I will get closer photos on the day. Til then this is what I have.

We'll have to see how we go.

Back to raiders...

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