Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sons of Helvis Ride Comeback Tour (These are not your Daddy's Noise Marines)

The Sons of Helvis Comeback Tour

I have done a number of chaos marine armies over the years. I have done none more often than slaaneshi marines. My favorite of these is my "Elvis" themed marines. The entire army is based on a wedding present from the Master of the Hobby Blog Himself.... Dave Taylor:

I took my "Elvis" themed noise marine army to Arcanicon (the largest 40K tourney in the southern hemisphere) and got best chaos army four years back. I have been sitting on them since. Was looking through my cupboards and I found the little Helvis model (not the daemon prince) in a pile of little pieces. "That is a shame," I thought and started to reassemble the army (we moved and the models didn't like that too much). The daemonettes are long gone and four squads of noise marines an army does not make. I retried building the army last year to pretty good success with some sculpting help from the formidable Tim Beaty and Fabio Van Der Meir (spelling?). I had to give up the army due to timing and a new job but I think I will revisit it a bit and see what I can get done. If anything it should be good for a laugh and a fun read (I hope).

Here is the 4 year old Arc army at the time:

I want an effective build while still generally following my theme. I also really wanted to add a few CSM units I have never used. I decided to give a sorcerer and a pred a go this time around (last time I tried bikes and a vindi).

Anyway... This is what I had planned to use at Cancon last year as a 1750 list.

Colnel Paaakaaa "The Colonel"
Chaos Sorcerer with the Mark of Slaanesh and the Lash of Submission

Aaarinn "Helvis" Priestly "The King of the (Ragna)Rock"
Greater Daemon

Tupalow leading "Hounds of the King"
6 Noise Marines with 4 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster and a champion with a power weapon

Ringu leading "The Memphas Maphia"
10 Chaos Space Marines w/Banner of Slaanesh, 1 flamer, 1 plasma gun and a champion with power weapon in a rhino

Kid Khaled leading "The Heartbreakers"
6 Noise Marines with 4 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster and a champion with a power weapon

Elvez Priestly leading "Taking Care of Business in a Flash" in the Lisa Marie
6 Noise Marines with 3 sonic blasters and a champion with a power weapon in a rhino

King Creole leading "The (Hound) Dogs of Lust"
10 Chaos Space Marines with Banner of Slaanesh and 2 melta guns and a champion with power weapon in a rhino

"Screams of the Devoted"
5 Chaos Terminatrs with Banner of Slaanesh, 1 has a power fist, Champion has lightning claws, 1 has hvy flamer
3 have melta combi weapons

Lisa Marie II
Predator with Twin Linked Lascannons

Roaaaadie (The Techinal Support)

I am basing alot of the iconography of my army on this Elvis symbol:

(the symbol means "Taking Care of Business in a Flash" and was Elvis's personal logo. He had it on the back of both of his planes, on a bunch of his bikes, on the butts of many of his pistols and on diamond encusted rings he gave to his closest friends. The so called "Memphis Mafia." Think a Hillybilly Ratpack. )

As a result I am free hand sculpting lightning bolts on every shoulder pad in the army. The tanks will get the actual
logo... Tim is helping me with a logo plate and I am kicking around the idea of green stuff molding a few copies so the tank match. Might recast a few in resin. Still debating with a few people who know this stuff better than I...

The logos I have done look like this:

They start as a circle of green stuff that is relatively circular and flat.

I waited a little for the putty to harden a little (easier to work with) and then just cut out lightning bolts one hard angle and one straight line at a go... Since I took this picture I decided that I really didn’t like a few of the wonky pads and I redid them. Yes, that is a boob on the black marine on the right for those with sharp eyes... Lots of little symbols and silliness added...

You can see some of the extra sculpted helmets in this picture...

More to come...


  1. I can tell that you have a hunka hunka burnin' love for this army.

  2. It's an awesome looking army! I'm glad you're going back to it because you do quite obviously enjoy it.

    Ahem ... dare I say, "Welcome back to 40k"?

  3. Brad,

    You know who THE real Emperor's Children daddy is!

    The man with six GTs next to his name - The Noise Lord Challis Drant!