Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cancon 40K (small Tournament review)

Soooo Cancon ran this last weekend with 108 players (40K) and 41 players (Fantasy). I opted at the last minute for 40K as the fantasy player pack came out so late. I took my old fav Imperial guard. More specifically I took 7 Valkyries in an all Aircav list. It was the exact same army I took to Killcount earlier this year.

Because I had the army done six months ago I did spend time re highlighting the planes, adding details to the foot troops and making objectives that did things. One played "Flight of the Valkyries" and the other two lit up with LED lights. Exciting new directions for me and my hobby.

Drove up and got stuck into three good days of gaming (8 games over 3 days)... I will spare you the blow by blow but day one I came close to tabling my 1st two opponents before running into Dennis Fung and his big bug list. Dennis is the reigning High Lord from Sydney and I always seem to struggle against him. I pulled the tie and was pleased heading out of my first day...

I did get too excited at this point and didn't get more than three hours sleep. This killed me as I ran into top tier players with hard lists and I started to do dumb things like deploy with charge range of bezerkers... Chaos aside I did play mech guard lots and just struggled with missions. It was a painful day.

Sleep did come eventually and I was kinda rested for day three. I beat tau in game 7 and tied a beefed up Deathwing in game 8 (the new faq really helps the old deathwing out!)...

I ended in 11th which was fine BUT I did somehow win my very first best painted prize.

I need to somehow need to figure out how to stop my opponent from seizing the initiative from me as it was the bane of my play day two....

Here are some great pictures of Dennis Fung's beautiful Tyranids....

His army ran with two tyranofexes that truly ruined my day... Had those not been there it would have been a totally different game.

It also had two Tervigons with minimum gaunt support, the doom in a drop pod and other painful items.

Our mission was to get in each others deployment zones. His tervigons got into mine and spawned unit after unit... I was not a happy panda. As Always Dennis played things beautifully.

I hope to get more pictures up soon.

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