Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now that is a pig!

Once school has quieted down a little bit I plan to get stuck fully into finishing my orc and gobbo army (seen elsewhere in this blog).

Drew McLean (the mad hobbyist) is currently writing his thoughts on the new book and what it means for 8th ed fantasy... I will posting that soon I hope but with his bachelor party this weekend... it might take a little more time.

Anyway... When I do dust off the orcs I REALLY like this Boar for either a character mount or as mounts for big un's...

Coming soon from Mantic Games:

I am not a huge fan of the rider but the mount looks right tasty!

Adding to the pure awesome list of stuff I must buy is the new Avatar's Of War Plastic Dwarf Bezerkers...

Pre-orders are now being taken. I really like the AOW stuff and this looks like a really cool addition to their range.

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