Thursday, March 3, 2011

Space Marine Showcase (update)

Months ago (March or April) I started a little project with friends where I gave out a marine in pieces to the best hobbyists I know. I asked that they paint them and send them back for the blog. Many months later I am still harvesting marines from around the globe. The models coming back are really good (humbling). They have far exceeded my initial expectations.

While I wait for all to come back home I thought I would update with some quick dirty pictures (I will have pro bases made custom to fit in a display board when the last come back with plaques per model. I will then have professional photos taken... Til then... Here is a taste).

(see if you can name all the chapters (two are pre-heresy... all are GW)

(As always Click to enlarge Images)

From the land of loches:

From Canada:

New Zealand:




Here is to hoping more come home soon...

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  1. What an amazing idea. I love it. I've seen similar things before but this is such a great idea.

    Some of these guys are brilliant, it's always fun to see some of the less popular marine colours schemes getting an outing!