Monday, March 7, 2011

The Test Model... (Egg Robot Trolls)

Well here is the basic test model for the Throgg troll army. Thinking of 36 of these guys and a larger one to be a throgg... Add a really big four legged version for a hell cannon add a few characters and shazaaam... a 2400 point army...

Thinking a hand for one arm (or some kind of blade gauntlet) and a hose cannon for the other arm with tubes that feed to something mounted on the back.

I have added "warts" and bubbles to a few other torsos... I am going for a chaos dwarf steampunk kinda feel...

Throgg will have a cockpit I think with a chaos dwarf hanging out of it. Still working that one out. The legs bend. Have to make one walking next.



  1. It's pretty cool and stays with your concept from the earlier post pretty well, particularly the nanny and Incredibles parts.

    Plus points for originality and scratch building. Can't wait to see what it looks like!